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The journey here began as early as 1993, where a tenacious, 18 year old Shereen Hunter set off to Australia solo, as a Rotary Exchange Student. In that same year she represented South Africa at the United Nations Youth Conference in Brisbane.

Between her stay in Australia, numerous other travels and completion of her secondary education, Shereen was offered a scholarship to attend Queensland University. She declined the prestigious offer, opting to return to her roots in Johannesburg instead. Here, she decided to pursue undergraduate law.

In her third year though, she changed course and took up Psychology, feeling that this would be better suited for her ambitions to service people in business through education and organisational development.

She graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a Degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and International Relations. In between she obtained a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management and Project Management.  Thereafter she spent three years at a well renowned Bible School studying Biblical Principals and their application.

With a decade of tertiary education in tow, Shereen entered the business world. She completed the rest of her studies whilst permanently employed, working for Corporate Companies such as Oreport, Health and Racquet (now Virgin Active) Regional Head Office, Future Life Insurance, Bidvest – CN Business Furniture, CFC International and Women of Worth.  Her career took her swiftly after only 1 year as a Sales Consultant, to National Marketing Manager at age 23, to Regional Sales Manager to Directorship and finally to where she finds herself now - the owner of several companies. 

She believes that a successful a fruitful business career is simply the vehicle she uses to achieve her greatest ambitions in Community Work.  Shereen Hunter is also the Founding Member of ITS NOT ABOUT ME – a non-profit project and movement.